50 Most Popular Muslim Baby Names and What they Mean

Having a youngster is a fantastically glad and groundbreaking event, however it accompanies a lot of duties. Giving an appropriate Muslim child name that adjusts to certain Islamic principles is one of the first and most significant obligations you should perform, as an individual’s name is accepted to extraordinarily impact their character as they grow up.

As per convention, Muslim guardians name their youngster seven days after birth at an Aqiqah service. The occasion is set apart with the custom of giving up a sheep or a goat and appropriating the meat to poor people. At the point when it’s at long last time to name the infant, a great deal of strict and profound reasons become an integral factor. It’s significant that while under 15% of Muslims on the planet are Arabic by ethnicity, it is as yet the most widely recognized language for picking Muslim infant names.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are looking for some motivation for Islamic names for your infant young lady or kid, here’s a rundown of Most Popular Islamic names for child kid and infant young lady with significance:

Most Popular Muslim Names for Baby Boy

Sr. No. Muslim Baby Boy Names. Muslim Baby Boy Names with Meaning

1. Ahmad Meaning ‘much adulated’.

2. Atif Sympathetic

3. Badr If you’re searching for some extraordinary Muslim child kid names, this one, signifying ‘full moon’, is a name you should consider.

4. Basheer Bringer of uplifting news

5. Dalil Guide

6. Dayyan Ruler, judge

7. Faiz Perhaps the most dearest of all Muslim kid names, it signifies ‘champ or successful’.

8. Farhan Happy, sprightly

9. Faysal Decisive, judge

10. Fida Sacrifice

11. Ghani Rich

12. Ghazi Hero

13. Hamza Strong and ardent

14. Hassan Handsome

15. Imad Pillar, support

16. Iqbal Propriety

17. Irfan Fairly regular among Muslim kid names, it actually signifies ‘information’.

18. Jamal Beauty, elegance

19. Kafeel Guardian

20. Khalid Eternal

21. Mahmud Praised

22. Muhsin Benevolent

23. Muzaffar Victorious

24. Naeem There are hardly any Muslim kid names as wonderful sounding as this one, which signifies ‘comfort’.

25. Rafeeq Kind companion

Most Popular Muslim Boy Names

Sr. No. Names. Meaning

26. Aminah Secure, secured

27. Aisha One of the loveliest and most favored names, it signifies ‘prosperous’.

28. Asma High

29. Basimah Always grinning

30. Dariya Knowledgeable

31. Farhana Happy

32. Hana Felicity

33. Huda Guidance

34. Iman Faith

35. Jameela Beautiful

36. Kareema Generous

37. Khalida Eternal

38. Lateefa Gentle

39. Marriyah Fair lady

40. Najma Star

41. Noora Light

42. Qayima Precious

43. Raheema Beneficent

44. Rasheeda Righteous

45. Saba Morning breeze

46. Sakeena Tranquillity

47. Sultana Queen

48. Taliba This extraordinary Muslim young ladies’ name signifies ‘searcher of information’.

49. Tasneem Fountain of Paradise

50. Uzma One of the more one of a kind Muslim child young lady names, it means ‘incomparable’.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Muslim child names for a young lady or a kid, the above rundown is brimming with infant names that convey huge significance and will be cherished by all. Searching for more infant names?


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