Top Qualities That Actors Should Possess

The acting profession is one of the most visible in the world; it is also one of the most difficult to break into. Most actors who become successful in their chosen area possess similar qualities that allow them to create characters that entertain and inspire audiences.


Many actors and industry professionals would agree that resilience is one of the most important qualities an actor can possess. In most productions, the number of available roles is considerably less than the number of available actors. Rejection is a common part of the acting business, and actors must learn how to hear “no,” without allowing it to affect their dedication and enthusiasm. For most actors, success does not come overnight; before they gain any level of recognition, they may go to hundreds or thousands of auditions. Without resilience, the constant rejection is certain to diminish an actor’s passion for acting.

Communication Skills

One of the most obvious qualities of an excellent actor is the ability to communicate. An actor must understand how to communicate for different audiences and in different roles. He must be able to switch between communication styles at the drop of a hat if a role demands it. Onstage communication is just a small part of an actor’s job. On any given day, an actor may be required to network with agents, speak with casting agents, negotiate scene changes with colleagues, explain needs to a stage manager, and win over an audience. Strong speaking, listening, and writing skills make the job considerably easier.

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