The Physiology Demands of Silat Olahraga

Silat olahraga is a famous silat sport in Malaysia. The high intensity of the fight requires silat exponents to stay fit in silat match. It is important to understand that a proper martial art training system can help exponent to win a silat match.

In order to develop a proper silat training workout, you need to understand several fitness factors that can influence your performance in silat olahraga such as energy system, fitness methodology and fighting ratio. This is because in order to improve your fitness components to compete in this competition, you need have a progressive training methodology to increase your aerobic and anaerobic system. The training should implements the specific circuit training that can mimic the actual movements of silat olahraga match. Several activities such as punching, kicking, toppling down, sweeping, jumping, throwing, gripping and shuttle runs can be used to produce specific silat circuit training.

The result of the proper training can help you to produce explosive strikes that can bring your opponent out of conscious. Thus, you need to build up your body in order to produce a powerful strike. A step by step strength training system can help you to develop the upper and lower body limbs in order to improve your strength. You need to make sure that you train with an experience strength conditioning instructor in order to help you to achieve your objective.

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